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We discuss our findings in our magazine and photo book 'Endz n' Out'.  Download a copy. 

'What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for young people's mental and emotional wellbeing in Lambeth' (Innovation Unit, December 2020)

We provided research consultancy to help shape and analyse data from this project. This report captures the experiences and emotional lives of a group of young people living in Lambeth during the Covid-19 pandemic, and advocates for an inclusive and protective ecosystem of support for the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people living locally.

'Rupturing the uninhabitable: young people, refusal and gentrification' (Anima Loci, February 2021)

South London is marked by rapid and widespread urban regeneration plans and development. This photo essay maps out the emotional, psychological and social landscapes in this shifting terrain. Here young people are simultaneously obscured and hyper-visible. In focusing on the physical and material landscape, we invite you to call into question what makes public space uninhabitable and demand spatial justice.

'Home sweet home' (New Economics Foundation Zine, Issue 3, July 2021)

 In this piece for this issue on the world we want to return to after the pandemic, we talk through our investigation into what the rampant gentrification of south London is doing to the wellbeing of the young people who call it home.

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